Peter Schiff
This Massive Stock Market Bubble Finally Found a Pin
Posted on 2020-03-06 21:29:00 [ Show older headlines ]

Economist and money manager Peter Schiff says, “Everybody is a long term investor until they need the money. This is a giant Ponzi or pyramid scheme.

The only way people can retire from their stock portfolio is to sell shares. Or if everybody is stuck in the same emergencywho are you going to sell your shares to?

I think this is the most overvalued stock market in history. It’s not the coronavirus. The market was going to go down anyway.

It’s not the size of the pin, but the size of the bubble. This is a massive bubble. 

It finally found a pin.” Schiff says much bigger gains are coming in both gold and silver because of Fed easy money policies that will not fix the problem of “massive debt.”

- Source, USA Watchdog