Gerald Celente
Acquittal May Strengthen Trump's Hand In International Talks, Boost 2020 Odds
Posted on 2020-02-12 19:28:00 [ Show older headlines ]
US Donald Trump's acquittal in his impeachment trial should give him a freer hand in international negotiations while boosting his re-election prospects, analysts told Sputnik.

On Wednesday, the Republican-majority Senate voted along partisan lines to acquit Trump of impeachment charges, ending a grueling five-month process.

"In more than one dimension, despite all the accusations thrown at Trump, the process has wounded the Democratic Party and strengthened the hand of the President," former Sister Cities International chairman and political analyst Bill Boerum told Sputnik. "In particular, this should strengthen his hand in international negotiations."

Trump, Boerum added, is now largely free to drive his policy initiatives and proclaim his accomplishments "without a cloud hanging over him."

Wall Street analyst and Trends Research Institute head Gerald Celente agreed that the outcome of the Senate impeachment trial had boosted Trump's domestic political prospects for re-election this coming November.

"The Democrats lost, Trump won, so it increases his odds of winning in November," Celente told Sputnik.

However, Trump's victory would do nothing to ease the exceptionally partisan deadlock between Republicans and Democrats in the US Congress, Celente cautioned.

"The battle lines have been drawn. Rob, steal, cheat, lie, launch murderous wars... the political parties will do whatever they can to gain power," he said.

Despite Trump's acquittal, most Americans continued to believe the mythical accusations of Russia meddling in the 2016 elections.

"Not one shred of evidence was provided to support the Democrats' accusations. And what is important to note, is that most Americans buy the 'hate Russia' propaganda... just as Washington has been brainwashing the public to hate the Iranians," he said.

The acquittal vote was, for the most part, an entirely partisan affair with Republican Senator Mitt Romney being the only member of Congress to defy his party in the upper chamber. Romney voted guilty on article 1, abuse of power, but joined his other 52 colleagues in voting not guilty on article number 2, which accused Trump of obstruction of Congress.

- Source, Urdupoint